I wrote you a love poem

How Deep

I love Deep things

Deep books

Deep caring

Deep caves

Deep colors

Deep concentration

Deep conversations

Deep discussion

Deep drawers

Deep feeling

Deep jungle

Deep listening

Deep love

Deep meditation

Deep night

Deep past

Deep reverie

Deep silence

Deep shadows

Deep space

Deep stillness

Deep thinking

Deep voices

Deep water

Deep wisdom

Deep things are intriguing, mysterious

They are scary and distant

Yet, calming and familiar

Deep things call out to a deep part of me

Deep things are so hard to get

Yet, occur so naturally.

Deep things inspire sensual, nourishing and delicious comfort

Yet, they grind me to a halt in mind boggling, drunken dizziness

Deep things seem so slippery, fleeting

Yet, I unexpectedly land in the depths, solidly

Some are not so appetizing

Deep cuts, Deep trouble, Deep pockets

The depths of despair

Yet, they elicit such a strong, conflicting and puzzling reaction

Better you than me

Beautiful in someone else’s experience

Beautiful in a story

A favorite spot of paradoxes

A perfect place for the dance of yin and yang

Light and dark, in fullness and balance

The Deepest part of me

Who would remain constant even if I lived

In a different time

In a different place

With a different name

Of a different gender

Born to a different family

She lives in the deep things

I can always find her in the depths

The Deep part of me sings to the Deep part of you

She sees You

She hears You

She loves You

Let’s you and me join the two of them

For a cup of tea, a dip in the lake, a trip to the coast, a night of stargazing

Let’s go on an adventure, follow a star, discover the universe inside

Let’s visit the depths

All of them

by Sarah Leonard

#lifecoaching #lifestyle

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